2 = academic, learned, scholarly, scientific.
Ex. Academic disputations are generally entered under the heading for the faculty moderator.
Ex. Abstracts will accompany various learned, technical or scholarly contributions.
Ex. Personal authorship has been accepted for some time, and indeed reflects the scholarly practice of the western world.
Ex. Over one hundred data bases are available, of which around half could be broadly categorised as scientific and technical.
* argumento científico = scientific argument.
* campo científico = academic field, scientific field.
* científico-técnico = scientific-technical, sci-tech [scitech o sci/tech].
* científico-tecnológico = scientific-technological.
* comité científico = scientific committee.
* comunidad científica, la = scientific community, the, research community, the, scientific research community, the, scholarly community, the.
* CRISP (Recuperación Automatizada de Información sobre Proyectos Científicos) = CRISP (Computer Retrieval of Information on Scientific Projects).
* cuestión científica = scientific issue.
* cultura científica = scientific culture.
* debate científico = scientific debate.
* deshonestidad científica = scientific misconduct.
* disciplina científica = scientific discipline.
* documento científico = scholarly work.
* expresión científica = scientific locution.
* falta de ética científica profesional = scientific misconduct.
* fraude científico = scientific fraud.
* histórico-científico = historico-scientific.
* información científica y técnica = scientific and technical information (STI).
* informe científico = scientific report.
* Instituto de Información Científica (ISI) = Institute of Scientific Information (ISI).
* ley de productividad científica de Lotka = Lotka's scientific productivity law.
* leyes científicas = laws of physics.
* literatura científica = scientific literature.
* locución científica = scientific locution.
* mala conducta científica = scientific misconduct.
* mal comportamiento científico = scientific misconduct.
* mundo científico, el = scholarly community, the, scientific world, the.
* no científico = unscientific.
* pensamiento científico = scientific thought.
* poco científico = unscientific.
* política científica = scientific policy.
* producción científica = scholarly output.
* producción científica de investigación = research literature.
* productividad científica = scientific productivity.
* reunión científica = scientific research meeting.
* revista científica = journal, scholarly journal, scientific journal, technical journal, academic journal.
* trabajo científico = scholarly work.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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